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Which RPO Solution is Right for You?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the art of dedicating part or the entire recruitment process of staff to an independent external service provider. This is where a company or organization decides to assign the process of looking for or hiring staff to a third party in order to benefit from the expertise and services of the outsourcing company. The RPO providers may assume and manage the entire recruitment process or may subsequently manage part of the process.

RPO is essential in circumstances where there is a dire need or upsurge in demand of employees and the existing internal outsourcing cannot be able to handle the recruitment process. The RPO providers are deployed to the outsourcing company on a number of basis that includes:

Hybrid Basis

In this basis, the recruiting company maintains their in-house outsourcing team but will need a partner that will be able to manage certain roles that they are not specialized in. This may be occasioned by specific recruitment demand, the complexity of the roles involved, high demand of staff, or lack of geographical performance within the in-house team.

Fully Outsourced Basis

The outsourcing or recruiting company takes care of the entire recruitment process. They manage every issue that may arise during the process and seek solutions to every issue. The recruiting company undertakes all roles across the business.

Project Basis

We specialize in Project Basis Contracts as they are the most scalable options for our clients. The project basis works best where the staffs to be outsourced are needed for a specific period of time or until the project in question is finished. The nature of the engagement will strictly be dictated by the timeline of the commitment. It may include hiring staff for building or construction of an edifice, hiring for a specified period of time, or hiring on a contract basis.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing comes with the following benefits:

- RPO is cost effective and the company or organization save money that could have been used in advertising the vacancy on newspapers and posts, recruiting technology, and even applicant tracking systems. - It saves a lot of time which can be used to undertake other projects. The entire process of recruiting takes a lot of time right from advertising to undertaking interviews. - It enhances quality hiring and the company will get the best staff. - Perfect compliance with all existing regulations is guaranteed because RPO firms have intense expertise on labor laws and standards. - It encourages talent pooling which is very important to the outsourcing company.

With a limited array of reliable Recruitment Process Outsourcing firms internationally, it is advisable to choose the best in order to be guaranteed of the best staff. We encourage you to contact us for the optimum, scalable staff and affordable RPO Servicing towards your business goals and initiatives.

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