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"Do I Really Need CRM?"

5 Key Ways CRM Can Help Your Business

Thanks to the wonderful advances in technology, businesses can enjoy unprecedented access to customers. You can potentially have access to millions of customers around the world. However, if your business depended on just one customer how would that impact your operation? Ask yourself the following -

Would you still make follow up calls?

If the customer called would they be passed from department to department?

Would you be happy for that customer to get an average service?

Each customer believes they are your only customer. They expect to be treated professionally, in a friendly manner, and to receive the best customer service possible. As far as the customer is concerned your business success depends on their satisfaction. They are right of course, to be successful it is important to treat each customer in the way they expect.

The challenge is to maintain this high standard when you have thousands (or maybe millions) of customers. One difficulty of growing a business is the ability to still provide that personal touch to all customers. This is where technology plays a key role. Technology allows you access to potentially millions of customers, it also helps you make each customer feel like they are your only one. Giving your customers that special feeling will help keep your business growing.

The technology that will benefit your business is called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This amazing technology allows you to collect, analyze, and retrieve all the key data relating to your customer base.

CRM can be made to do almost anything you wish. However, if you make the CRM overly complex it can become cumbersome and time-consuming to use. Having a streamlined, easy to use system is usually optimal for most businesses. With that in mind, here are 5 key features of CRM that each business should use:


Connecting with your customers is a key part of a good CRM. Following each lead from start to finish is a must for every CRM. CRM contact management should catch the following -

  • First contact through to purchase

  • Record all relevant customer data

  • Allow for easy and fast retrieval of customer data

  • A calendar function with reminders

  • The ability to log tickets for your service department

  • Functionality for departments to share customer data to build a better picture

It has been shown that CRM with a good contact management system can boost customer retention by up to 27%. Source: Nucleus Research


Once upon a time, all computer-based work had to be conducted in the office. Thanks to advancements with technology you can now work anywhere with an internet connection. Also, you can connect with any device, including mobiles. What does mobility mean for CRM?

When setting up a CRM you should consider using a cloud-based CRM. The benefit of this to you and your business is that you can now access all data from anywhere. All you need is a device that connects to the internet, even if it's just a mobile!

Whether you are at home, a trade show, visiting a client, or anywhere else you can still provide a top-quality service.


The ability to store vast amounts of customer data in the cloud is only as good as your ability to use that data. It is important your CRM isn't just for storage but can also analyze the stored data. You should be able to get a concise and easy to read summary that allows you to improve your business. The ability to identify trends quickly will help make your business more agile. This allows you to maximize your full potential.


The important thing to keep in mind about your CRM is that it works for you. Make sure your CRM is fully customized to suit your business needs. It should fully integrate with the systems that you use, allow you total control over the data collection, and be easy to modify as you need to. Doing this will make sure you can meet the needs of your customers.


The CRM alone won't be enough to boost profits. To see a benefit, you and your staff need to use it. If the system is overly complex, then this can mean your staff decides not to use it. It is important that your CRM is easy to use, intuitive, and provides straightforward reports. Doing this means you can get the full benefits of the CRM and enhance your business.

Final Thoughts

All customers want to feel like they are the only customer, to feel special. A well-designed CRM can help you provide that experience to all your customers, even if you have thousands of them!

Remember, keep your CRM simple as a complicated CRM won't help anyone. It is important to know what you need and research all your options, then you can find a CRM that is suitable for your business. Sometimes business can be difficult, but a CRM doesn't have to be.


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