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Do We Use Social Media? Why or Why Not?

We're very happy to engage with the right people and thrive with the right social connections. Yet, we are not active on our own social media platforms. Most likely, you're wondering why we are rather incognito or operating in stealth mode when it comes to our own Facebook, LinkedIn, and etc.

Great question! And here's a transparent, straight-forward answer.

We are not highly active on our social media platforms because of the following:

  • It takes time away from our seasoned and new connections

  • We're quite busy with other projects (and supporting other social media accounts)

  • We simply don't need it

Now, a marketing director or project strategist will frown upon those pervious words and come to a conclusion that we are clueless about business.

Well, we don't really care. Period.

Let's talk about what we do care about and what has worked for us over the past 11 years.

1# Time Well Spent Completing Real Projects

Social media posts and audience engagement works really well for many entities. We are not one of them—and we discovered this early on. We do well at helping other entities become successful and meet or exceed their goals. That is where we place our energy and time. Our goal is not to be popular, secure leads, market ourselves, or post a bunch of fluff content out there to get SEO points. Obviously, we are rather content and consumed with enough activities to keep us working smart, not hard.

2# We Help Manage Other Platforms

Seriously, we don't have a designated "social media manager". However, we celebrate our Community Manager, who is more focused on the amazing tasks that are assigned within other projects for our long-term partners, clients, and non-profit works. We don't have time to place a tremendous focus on our own social media pages, which only take time away from greater things. After so many years, you just know what works for you—and what doesn't.

3# We Simply Don't Need It

From time to time, you may see a post from us, regarding helpful resources or updates. Otherwise, we have no need for consistency revolving around our own social media pages. We are able to stay engaged with our audience, potential connects, and family of project directors with or without Facebook. Again, we place our focus and energy into what works best for us—and most importantly, our team and the people/entities we serve.

Our mission is to grow upward, not expand for marketing purposes. We are all about connecting on a meaningful level that's not just for clicks and being known. Word-of-mouth recommendations have worked nicely, as well as international connections made over time.

This has been our personal "brand awareness" success story.

And if this sounds too snarky for you, then we're not meant to be in a relationship with you or your business right now.

"It's not you—it's me!"

"Have your people call my people."

Otherwise, we'll see you on "the other side of connecting and engaging!" ;-)


Curious about how we are doing pretty well without being active and faithful to our own social media pages? Book a discovery call and let's share/ grow without the fake "fertilizer".

Stay well!


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