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How to Align Your Training Goals with Business Objectives

Training is also about providing your company with a better workforce that can help the company achieve its goals.

It's vital to create a training program that meets the company needs—plus the employees.

How Can A Company And Its Employees Benefit From Training?

You may be tempted to think that training can only benefit one or the other, either the company or the employee.

However, a well-planned training program can benefit both. How so?

First, the company will likely achieve its goals thanks to having a highly trained and motivated workforce. Providing good training may also keep staff for longer as they feel more valued.

Employees of a company that is achieving its goals will benefit because their job is more stable, bonuses may be paid, and their career is progressing.

Let's target 7 steps for creating the best training program for your workforce.

Aligning Training Goals With Business Objectives

Write The Future

Knowing what you want to achieve in the future is vital. This is because you can focus on the areas that are relevant to achieving the company's goals. Whether its improving efficiency, expansion, or increasing profits you need to have a clear picture of what the company is striving for.

Knowledge Gaps

Once you know your future goals, the next step is to identify your employee's current ability. Doing this analysis will help you identify what they don't know. You can then create appropriate training for your employees to fill those knowledge gaps.

Set Objectives

Your employees should be given objectives to hit as they progress. This will help employees stay focused on each stage of the training.

Clear Communication

You know the company goals and have created a wonderful training program. Your employees fly through training, but you notice that your company is not hitting your desired targets. Why would this be?

This can happen if the employee doesn't fully understand why they are having the training. It is crucial they understand the company's future vision and how it relates to the training program. This way they feel part of the process and will stick to the training instead of going back to the old way of doing things.

Deliver The Training In The Right Way

To make sure the training works you need to adapt it to your audience. Delivering it in the right way will ensure better results.

For example, you could create videos, e-learning, or do short sessions until all the material is covered.


Your employees are now fully trained, and you expect to see great results. The best way to make sure the training has worked is to continuously support your staff.

If they are left to get on with their job without further support, there is a high chance they will revert to the old methods. Regular support and further training when needed are vital to keeping them up to date with the company vision.

Measure And Repeat

Constant learning is the best way to get great results for your company and its employees.

One way to do this is to review everything regularly to see how targets are being met. Then, depending on business needs further training can be arranged. Simply start from step 1 again and repeat as much as needed.

In conclusion: keep your staff fully trained and engaged with the company's vision.


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