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How to Pay Your Remote Workers—Local & International

As your company begins to build a remote work team across multiple geographic regions, there's one central challenge that you'll begin to discover:

A remote work team might have members in several different countries, which presents a challenge in running payroll.

There are various alternatives for administering a payroll, depending on the worker’s location. These include a:

  • Remote payroll;

  • Payment to a local partner;

  • Outsourcing payroll to a third party 'employer of record’, such as a GEO service.

From easy solutions to taxes, let's provide you with a breakdown of factors and further support you in your decision towards GEO services and alternatives.

Let's Get Started

Whether you're preparing for that next project, expanding your business internationally, or simply adjusting to the "new normal", you're already exposed to the reality—and benefits—of procuring local and international remote workers.

Before you dive in and execute those employment or work contracts, let's make sure you're on the right path to employment & compensation compliance!

Download "How to Pay Your Remote Workers" to discover 4 easy solutions and a few friendly business reminders towards the next steps in your business journey.

How to Pay Your Remote Workers
Download PDF • 2.54MB


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