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Keeping Your Remote Team Healthy

...during international downturns and the pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many small business owners have moved their staff from the office to their homes. While working from home is convenient and keeps your employees safe, it does have its negative points. One of these points involves the challenge of staying healthy. Eating healthy, exercising, and quality sleep all play huge roles in your employees' work performance. Employees are more productive when they are doing these things.

If you want to encourage your employees to take care of their health, here are three quick tips to start you off on the right path.

Send Regular Health Tips

Some employers, especially in the health industry, send their employees weekly newsletters containing health and wellness tips. Why not do this for your remote team? Create a weekly health newsletter that shares useful health tips your employees could practice at home. It could contain beneficial mental health tips or just nutritious recipes they could try.

Encourage Time Off for Your Employees

If you want to maintain a healthy group of workers, you have to allow some time off for them. Encourage your employees to utilize it to go to the doctor. To function while working, we must go to the doctor to check on our bodies. An unhealthy employee will be unproductive to your business.

You should also emphasize the importance of taking breaks. Remind your employees that it's okay to step away from the computer sometimes. Encourage stretching routines as well.

Emphasize the Importance of Sleep

Some employees will sacrifice sleep to meet work deadlines. Prevent your employees from going down this road by advising them to set daily work hours. Emphasize sleep as a priority for their overall function.

Healthy employees make a strong impact on business function. Sending them regular health tips, encouraging time off, and emphasizing sleep are three great ways to keep your remote team healthy and productive.


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