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Why Content is King

Staying ahead of the competition during an economic downturn is hard enough for large corporations, but for small businesses, it can feel impossible. A multi-faceted lead-generation strategy which incorporates multiple platforms and approaches is your best possible chance of attracting new customers and generating viable leads.

There is no single way to success. Period.

However, if you're looking to grow your business with measurable results while building the trust of your potential clients, there is one thing you should not overlook—great content.

Why Quality Content is Key

You have probably heard the phrase "content is king"; it's very popular amongst business gurus.

Few actually explain why content is so important. And those that do mistake content for "copy".

You'll see "copy" text specifically centered on a call-to-action, yet content is much broader and focuses on building trust between the business in question and potential customers. It is this trust that serves to boost lead generation and ultimately make "copy" more likely to convert those leads into actual sales or contracts.

Content is Very Valuable to the Consumer

Content builds trust because it offers your customers value in the form of:

  • Information

  • Advice

  • New point of view(s)

Furthermore, good content shows your customers that you are a reliable source of information. A thought-leader within your industry!

Content Defines Your Online Space

The content you present to your customer base defines your business approach in their mind; regularly posting high-quality content that is useful to your customer establishes your website as a valuable and trustworthy space for consumers. Thanks to recent updates to the algorithm, this is more important than ever for determining where your website will rank in the search engine. An excellent add-on way to measure results...and a cost-saving method for small businesses and startups.

Content is Key to SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial to lead generation; few people go beyond the first two pages of search engine results which means that the higher you rank for certain keywords, the more likely you are to see high levels of traffic and lead generation. Valuable, detailed content is one of the best ways to improve your ranking number, especially when it uses properly optimized keywords.

How to Boost Your Business With Quality Content

In short, high-quality content is necessary for successful lead generation because it:

  1. Builds trust in your customer base.

  2. Defines your online space.

  3. Shows search engine algorithms that your website is not only trustworthy but valuable to its users.

Of course, you need to know what constitutes valuable content and how to deploy it. Quality content is content which is informative, well-written, and focused; it should address a problem or need within your customer base and offer either a solution or actionable advice. If you fill your website with this kind of content, you will see a noticeable upturn in generated leads within a few weeks—even during economic downturns.


Speaking of advice: stay far away from fluff content—or content with a bunch of filler words with no helpful substance. Always remember, the most important aspect is the trust of your consumers.


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