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Gahn SOWI Agriculture Sustainability Pro
Download the SOWI-Seed Initiative.png
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Download the SOWI-Seed Initiative.png

Seed Project - Phase I

Our urgent need for the Amwoma and Kangai sub county villages remains a challenge. With cost inflation and time-critical sowing season upon us, purchasing seeds for our farmers is an immediate concern. Your generous contribution is greatly appreciated!       > LEARN MORE


Training Material

Contributions of $20+ supports SOWI/Gahn projects in leveraging training supplies and material needed to empower our ongoing agri-business education programs.

SOWI Farm Foundation Training Material F

Alternative Energy Source Project

Gahn Solutions' Zero Waste Management Program has teamed with SOWI Farm Foundation to bring awareness, change, and sustainability to Northern Uganda. This includes the mitigation of farm waste recycling and charcoal-saving stoves in our villages. Join us by supporting this goal through a one-time and/or ongoing contribution today. 

Zero Waste Conservation - SOWI GAHN.png

Training SOWI Farmers

A contribution of $100 USD helps SOWI Farm Foundation and Gahn Solutions in the facilitation of training to 10 farmers towards agro-forestry, afforestation, self-reliant agri-business, entrepreneurial-ship, land management, and advanced seed production.

SOWI GAHN Agri-Training Program.jpg

Seed Project - Phase II

Based on measurable results and success in Seed Project Phase I, our targeted goal will be extended to ensure all beneficiaries are supported with timeliness. This will include additional fertilizer, storage bags, and seeds.   > LEARN MORE


Environmental Conservation

We're committed to decreasing and eliminating the impacts of deforestation in Uganda and beyond. The SOWI Farm Foundation Environmental Conservation Program promotes tree planting projects and energy conservation technologies. Kindly contribute to our sustainability initiatives or become a tree-planting sponsor today!

SOWI Farm Foundation Environmental Conse
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Gahn SOWI Agriculture Sustainability Pro
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Help Bring Awareness! 

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Bringing awareness to the SOWI-SEED Project and other Sustainability initiatives is one of the most influential aspects of highlighting the "TRUTH" and "CRITICAL NEEDS" surrounding the impoverished—and ensuring their success through continued prayers & support.       Thank you!

We are eager to respond to any inquiries. Connect with us via email or phone:   Tel: 256 752643805  Tel/App: +1 6232959855

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