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SOWI Signs MOU with PACE

SOWI is committed to the success of the third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-3), which has a target to end the epidemic of HIV/AIDS by 2030 (Project 2030).

This will be achieved when the number of new HIV infections and ‘AIDS-related deaths’ decline by 90% between 2010 and 2030.

So far, the rate of drop in AIDS-related deaths is on track, whereas the rate of drop in new HIV infections is off track to achieve Project 2030. Even if Project 2030 was achieved, HIV would be an endemic health problem. Hence, GIVES prevention and control programmes cannot close down for the foreseeable future.

This rather demands a paradigm shift from a fully vertical to an integrated health systems response that provides services according to disease burden towards universal health coverage. Additionally, it will ensure the sustainability of HIV services in the post-2030 era. These all entail unrelenting political commitment, and increased and sustainable funding from both national and global sources.

SOWI Founder/ Executive Director Moses Okeng, witnessed by SOWI Board Legal Advisor, Betty Odur, signed MOU on 22 Aug, 2022 with PACE as Implementing Partner of TASO-GLOBAL FUND Project in Dokolo District, Northern Uganda.


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