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A Special "Thank-You"

SOWI would like to recognize each fellow supporter, contributor, volunteer, and sponsor that has joined hands with us, aligned with our collective initiatives as advocates, encouraged our team, and helped promote the success of our local projects in Uganda.

Here, we would also like to recognize special acts of kindness and dedication from our team, sponsors, and sowers!

Solomon Alpina

(The Finance and Administration)


(The Counselor)


(The Field Officer)


(The Data Clerk)

SOWI Board of Directors


Leah Williams, Gahn Source

(Community Partnership, Web/Digital Management)

Gahn Solutions Team

(Community Partnership)

Darnell Johnson of Chicago, IL

Short-term Admin. Sponsor through Gahn Source,

one-time support to leverage domain name in 2023

DHO, Tonny HIV Focal Person and Moses in-charge

Amwoma HC111 for overwhelming support of HIV Prevention,

Care and Treatment Project in Dokolo District

PACE, TASO, and Global Fund

for the partnership towards Advocacy Projects

[ Our recognition list is currently being updated. Please stay tuned. Thank you for your patience! ]


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