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We are a community-based organization, directly reaching families and building solid relationships through education sponsorship, sustainable agriculture, poverty reduction, and environmental protection. 


We invite you to explore SOWI's five programs and  learn how you can take action, joining hands with us to further support orphans and women throughout the Lira district | Amwoma, Kangai and Agwata.

HIV Health Advocacy

Through the established government structures, SOWI has been mobilizing and sensitizing community on GBV, HIV prevention, care and treatment and capacity building in the three sub-counties of  Amwoma, Kangai and Agwata.

Sustainable Agriculture

We train, engage, and monitor farmers into production of the above three oil seeds: crops, maize and peanuts. SOWI sets a fair market price for the famers and buys their produce, stores it, and waits for the market to rise and sell. 

Environmental Protection

SOWI helps protect the environments through tree planting and energy conservation technologies.

Scholarships & Training

SOWI promotes and enables the youth (both girls and boys) to obtain formal education through scholarships and direct skills training.

Savings and Credit Scheme

Our programs help launch families to the next level of financial management through modern practices.


We are located in Northern Uganda, within the Lira District, striving to meet the community needs within three sub-counties: Amwoma, Kangai and Agwata. We welcome you to connect with us—locally and internationally! Contact SOWI

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Together, we are stronger. Learn how you can make a powerful impact in the lives of Northern Uganda.

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